Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing the love (or, where other people find new music)

Last weekend, I drove to Montreal and back with a few teammates for the Grand Master's Ultimate tournament. Although we only managed 1 win for the weekend, we played pretty well and I really enjoyed hanging out with a great bunch of guys and ladies. I was a passenger this year and the driver had his kind music on the way to Montreal. He asked if anyone else had some music, but I didn't push the point. On the way home, I offered up some new tunes to the guys, saying I was interested in what they thought of the mix and I thought they might legitimately enjoy a few new finds. If you know me, I've always been the guy to bring his own mixed tape to a party or these days, have a loaded iPod or iPhone at the ready. I'm a little more shy these days about pushing my music, but the memories of friends saying they enjoyed my music, keeps the inner DJ in me alive. After all, that's where I came up with the PJMixer alias.

So they guys liked a lot of the tracks and I said I'd burn them my top 10. I'm not certain when I'm going to see them again, so I thought I'd post them here for the broader group. I hope you like a few tracks. Yes, they are ordered, my mood and progression.

We are seeing We Are Augustines tomorrow night at Wrongbar in Toronto; shots from last time we saw them

Shots from Motopony's gig at the Horseshoe last week for Vivoscene

Canadians Beatrice Martin (from Coeur de Pirate) & Jay Malinowski (from Bedouin Soundclash)

shots from The Monkey's summer Toronto concert

Foster the People are playing here in Toronto on Saturday night and The Sound Academy

Please, please come and play in Toronto boys

Shots from The Vaccines at the Horseshoe last winter

Drat, forgot to post those pics, hold on...there you go, photos from Beady Eye Sound Academy concert