Sunday, January 7, 2007

2006 Music Roundup

First post of 2007. But before I get deep on new ideas, I wanted to share some music highlights for 2006. Plus I'd like to try out a few new ideas for sharing music !

I've given a few of you my 2006, best of CD. But I didn't include a playlist on a lot of handouts nor did I add any clever annotations.

Top songs for 2006. Grouped and ordered by genre and tempo. Note that the track may be pre-2006, but may have only made its way to my ear'oles in 2006. A little of everything !

Links to preview tunes should work (but I've been having a lot of trouble with them all day). Warning that the site is the infamous pseudo-illegal Russian download site, but should be harmless for a quick naughty listen. Some links are for entire album.

Yes, poppy, but the words that seem to sum up a lot of thoughts about the world today. I think it's Mayer's college circuit popularity that always makes me think about my Bro when I hear his voice. Great album.

Close choice for group and album of the year. Nice Brit lads with cheeky and cheery lyrics. Other select tracks - 1,5 and 7.

Fab solo track from ex Verve front man. We saw him open for Coldplay in '06 and with the help of a appreciative crowd, put an incredible set together of older Verve sing along classics and newer stuff. A gruff lovely voice.

PJMixer's pick for groove track from the second big album. Great show from the Scottish lads at Koolhaus in '06. Potentially, on the runway to the next big anthem Brit band.

Another great sophomore album, another off-hit pick (actually Bones is a fave, but Suz picked it for her best of). I still don't get the references to Springsteen ! Again, this show's the groovier side of the band, but still shows of Flowers' unique vocals. Other select tracks - 3 and 8.

Pop dance track of the year. Lots 'o fun. I think Sir Elton is playing piano on this one. Great story Suz heard about the drummer on tour...

Dirty track of the year. I just feel a little sleazy listening to this one, but it's an irresistible bum mover. Actually first heard this a long time ago on the Victoria's Secret 2005 runway show, then it made regular airplay all year.

Hard guitar licks from the 'lil guy who happens to have a home here in TO. Great performance on SNL.

Great country rock track. The lyrics just got stuck in my head in '06.

Another catchy heavy guitar track from the fun Californians. About to check out more tracks from the album ! Aren't this guys getting old yet!

Absolutely fab track from album with a few other rocking tunes that get a lot of PJMixer airplay. Surprisingly didn't make Q top 100 albums.

One of the many great tracks from the undisputed best album of 2006. One thing I heard about their music was the unusual structure of songs that contain multiple hooks. Love it !

It got us all in the mood for the World Cup, but not sure if the lads on the field heard it ! England could definitely beat up Italy or France on the dance floor or a Karaoke ! Inspired words from from five builders from Bromley.

Hot hip hop band meets the smooth voice of Dave Matthews (which I finally got around to listening to in '06).

2nd great track off this very eclectic record that got my attention. We all needed a break from Crazy. Add Gnarls to the Monkeys and there is now significant proof that downloads are a bigger force than CD sales.

Simply a beautiful musician and performer. Lots of great tracks on one of the top albums of the year.

Canadian lady I initially heard about from Paris based DJJuice. Interesting multi-media web site too. Sultry and fun. Other select tracks - 2 and 10.

I think his second album is a little easier to enjoy than his first, a warm voice and earnest lyrics.

My favourite lady of jazz. This album gets back to what she does best - the standards sung with great care and orginality. For those not familiar with Diana Krall she is now married to Elvis Costello and just gave birth to twin boys - musicians of the future maybe ?

A deeply moving track from the best movie of '05.

I chose to include the album covers for a few perhaps tells another story about the band; it's a little throwback to the nostalgia or having a vinyl LP cover to hold in your hands as you're listening to the music; it may help you find the CD if you love the track(s) so much you want to own it !