Sunday, October 9, 2005

Some new music finds

I'm sure this will be a recurring theme on my blog, but I thought I'd do a simple post tonight...

New finds today:

  1. Hard Fi (Hard-Fi in some listings) - Stars of CCTV album (yes the entire album, but standout is "Hard to Beat" - remembered by Suzanne, originally mentioned by cool music cuz Stu
  2. Ladytron - Witching Hour, standout track is "Destroy Everything you Touch", donated by big Rob

As many of my friends know I'm big on music, especially new finds that criss cross genres and spark a new mood generator. Plus I love the challenge of making the mix for every occasion, it's probably an obsession - hence my handle - PJMixer.

A few hints on where I get my stuff and where I go to find new stuff and for reviews I can trust.

  • Music purchases and samples - (thanks Dan)
  • Thorough and trustworthy music reviews, band history and samples -
  • Charts, it's Top of the Pops of course (mainstream Brit mixed bag), incl. videos.
  • North American centric charts - Billboard.
  • Video samples and lots more at Yahoo Music (thanks Suzanne)
  • On foot or reg price artist conscious downloads, incl. sampels - HMV.
  • UK centric rag - Q (thanks Jen)
  • My player choice - Musicmatch, great mixing choices, incl. free 1 hour per day of CD quality streaming radio with lots of stations and artist match.
  • Fellow friends of new music finds, incl. 'Zan, Bro, Nikola, S&R, Brit Boyz

Well, I thought that was going to be fast, and an hour later I'm still here, see what I mean when I say I'm a little obsessed with music !

p.s. In case you've been on pins and needles regarding the fate of England in World Cup qualifying, you'll be happy to know we've qualified - see you in Germany. Note that I didn't actually spend time actually reviewing all the scores and doing the calculations wife, in her incredible efficient manner, came across the news in one of today's UK papers (not sure if this was just by chance, or a planned destination). This is completely off topic unless you think like me, and immediately associate all the great football inspired music, e.g. New Order's World in Motion.