Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005, Best ofs

I wanted to get a quickie in before the end of the year, what better way than to plop down a few best-of lists. The music one is legit, the others are more off-the-top-of-head.

. Yes, this is the playlist on the CD.
  1. All These Things That I've Done - The Killers - say no more
  2. Talk - coldplay - great buzz gig
  3. Hard to Beat - Hard-Fi - seeing them at Horseshoe Tavern in January, album of the year
  4. Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire - Montreal eclectic talent
  5. Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand - cheeky lads
  6. Tiny Little Fractures - Snow Patrol - a little older album that just snuck in
  7. Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs - great performance at Live8
  8. LSF(Lost Souls Forever) - Kasabian - Midlands lads with Manchester sounds
  9. All Because of You - U2 - biggest band in the world ?
  10. Better Now - Collective Soul - solid rock, Bowie or Iggy soundalike ?
  11. Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers - what's that damn sample ?
  12. Guilt Is A Useless Emotion - New Order - old geezers that can still put a good dance track together
  13. Dare - Gorillaz - groovy baby
  14. Forbidden Love - Madonna - alt track to big hit, great dance album
  15. 24 - Jem - a diamond in the rough
  16. Don`t Lie - Black Eyed Peas - a good dose of hip hop
  17. Gold Digger (Feat. Jamie Foxx) - Kanye West - great hip hop, great sample, dodgy explicit lyrics
  18. Other Side Of The World K.T. Tunstall - lovely Scottish lass who took the time to sign a CD cover for me "To Phil, love K.T." - you betcha
  19. Folsom Prison Blues Joaquin Phoenix - I became an instant Johnny Cash fan after seeing Walk the Line a few weeks ago and Joaquin does a stellar job
Movies. Big variety, probably missed a few, but hey, I didn't see that many this year !
  1. Crash
  2. Walk the line
  3. Cinderella man
  4. Batman begins
  5. Layer cake
  6. Sin city
  7. The station agent

TV. Simple (I don't watch much)
  1. Jon Stewart
  2. House
  3. Dead like me